this is where my mind gets weirder

Joke! Joke! Joke!

Teacher: ok class, name one famous explorer

Joseph: Ferdinand Magelland

John: Vasco de Gama!

Luke: Ruy Lopez de Villalobos

Peter: Dora!

(why not? nyahahaha!)


Barbie and Voodoo in a beauty pageant:

Voodoo: (confident mode) What is Beauty if your brain is empty!


Barbie: What is knowledge if your face is damage?!



When you keep the Lord in your heart,

there’s nothing to fear about in your life…

Things will come as the Lord has planned…


Love is Love’

regardless of labels, genders, or age…

Love is always, and forever be fair,

It is not the question of why, but the question of How?

The real definition of Hope:

Its just that everyday you’re waiting for him/her,

the one that you think for everyday of your life,

even he/she already tied with other!

Not that much hurt to hear, but to poisonous to feel…

When the moment i seek your face,

I was delighted

but I haven’t realized that it just a leap of imagination,

that it will not take for so long


Love is far different from commitment,

Love is a gift which anyone can have,

while Commitment is a sacrifice for love,

that not everybody is capable of,

its just soo sad that the word commitment…

is enclosed with duties, which make it heavy…

which make other people afraid,…

They maybe ready for love, but not commitment, …

Come to think of it,

Isn’t love enough to keep a commitment?

or Isn’t commitment enough to show your love?…

Do you already encounter a person, that can do everything,

Just to be… AWAY FROM YOU! lol!

One night, a farmer sleep naked at his farm,
and was awaken by laughter from a monkey,
louder and louder,
the monkey laugh in front of him,
the man said “why are you laughing at me?”
The monkey replied…
“this is my first time seeing a Banana and Rambutan grow together”

-nyahahaha.. naughty monkey!

Heart's Love

Heart Falling InLove

Are you Mr. Google?

Coz you have everything that i’m searching for….


Every time I say I love you,

I know that he/she is happy…

Coz every time I texted her that way,

she/he always replay:


(self motivating? nyahahahh)

Things happen for reason

Things just happen,

things that you may never understand.

But you just have to believe that its for the best,

even if it doesn’t always seem that way…


Happy is the person who does not show hatred over what is lost,

but instead show gratefulness over what is left…