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First Love

It was my last year at Iligan City National High School when I realize that there is something lacking with me. I am just another popular-flamboyant student in the school. Well, I am considered popular in the school for my mini concert show (standing at the table while dancing) at our student lounge every afternoon break. Stupid! isn’t it? Well, for me, as long as the people around me entertained, I am happy to do that.

Looking at my very happy-untidy personality, no one expected that I still feel alone sometimes, longing for someone special to always be there, after all the happiness that I’ve shown to them. And even me, I don’t even expect that I will get to that point, because I do believe I am already contented having my friends -and their partners- beside me.

Love? duh! Its not a big deal! Its just another over reaction state from the ignorant people after meeting the happiness to the one they call “love-ones”. I do believe that it was just a crush.

Well, that idea about love stayed long enough with me not until…

jeng je jeng!

It was my very first time to join the GSK Youth (more like Youth for Christ) of our neighborhood at Prurok 9 of  Brgy. Tambacan. I was so pleased and entertained with the well accommodating old member on that night, and introduced as the new member of the group. I’ve digest lots of new name to be memorize. and this includes the name of my schoolmate who I dont even recognize, Mr. Randolf.

For the very first meeting with this guy, I feel a little amazed coz his house is just a walking distance from my house, and he is in the same year level with me, which makes me wondering why I dont even recognize this guy ever in my life (despite of our small world).

From that night, it seems that the world between us is getting smaller. I am seeing him at the school, at the neighborhood, and even in the church. and every time I see this guy, I will give a perfect shy-smile to give respect and acknowledge that I know him. But as the time passed by, and the smile is getting frequent,  I feel a little happiness when I accidentally meeting him,he is smiling back at me, just like being injected with an anesthesia, leaving an effect that last for a moment of time.



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