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Joke! Joke! Joke!

Teacher: ok class, name one famous explorer

Joseph: Ferdinand Magelland

John: Vasco de Gama!

Luke: Ruy Lopez de Villalobos

Peter: Dora!

(why not? nyahahaha!)


Barbie and Voodoo in a beauty pageant:

Voodoo: (confident mode) What is Beauty if your brain is empty!


Barbie: What is knowledge if your face is damage?!



I dont love you! nyahahhaha

Do you already encounter a person, that can do everything,

Just to be… AWAY FROM YOU! lol!

Maniac Monkey

One night, a farmer sleep naked at his farm,
and was awaken by laughter from a monkey,
louder and louder,
the monkey laugh in front of him,
the man said “why are you laughing at me?”
The monkey replied…
“this is my first time seeing a Banana and Rambutan grow together”

-nyahahaha.. naughty monkey!

Sweet corny Love

Heart's Love

Heart Falling InLove

Are you Mr. Google?

Coz you have everything that i’m searching for….


Every time I say I love you,

I know that he/she is happy…

Coz every time I texted her that way,

she/he always replay:


(self motivating? nyahahahh)