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The Sadness of Life

The Sadness of Life

Let it be that someone treating you unimportant,

because time will come,

that you, yourself, will feel the same for them!



It is good to be strong,
But sometimes…
Being too strong makes your love ones feel you don’t need them

Silence is the greatest weapon human can have…
Coz it aggravates the troubling mind of others…

Life doesn’t hurt you until
You learned to think how much had changed,
Who you’ve lost along the way,
And how much of it was your own fault…

You have to learn when to give up,
When to walk away,
Even if it hurts,…
Especially when it is Hurts!…

A simple thought from Peter Pan
“No matter how we tried to be matured,
We will always be a kid when
We all get hurt and cry…

We don’t have to be always super nice to the other,
Sometimes, I need to show my bad side,
So that,
I can sort out who will accept me in my worst mood,
And see who will still choose to stay…

Sometimes, we find ourselves,
longing for something we cant explain, and we are caught in the middle,
going nowhere…
weird, isn’t it?
But that is the beauty of being human,
It is knowing that there is a purpose for each existence and whatever that may be,
it is also the reason why we still wake up,
breathing each day to discover the missing piece of puzzle
that would make our lives complete.

Look back to God

When you keep the Lord in your heart,

there’s nothing to fear about in your life…

Things will come as the Lord has planned…


Things happen for reason

Things just happen,

things that you may never understand.

But you just have to believe that its for the best,

even if it doesn’t always seem that way…


Happy is the person who does not show hatred over what is lost,

but instead show gratefulness over what is left…