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The Bravest Rat

There are tree rats arguing on who’s the most brave rat among them…


rat 1:  I am soo brave and strong, that i am eating the cheese in the mouse trap without getting caught


rat 2: wheeelll, not as brave as me, eating rat poison…

then rat 3 walk out from the place.

The two rats staring at him and asking, why?

then he answered:


who want to join me? Raping some cutie cat right there?



The teach of life

Always keep your words sweet and soft,

just incase you have to eat them,

you can swallow it well…


Years ago,

a newspaper offered a price for the best definition of money…

Out of the hundreds who competed,

is the winner submitted this piece:

“Money is a universal provider of anything, except happiness…

and, passport to everywhere, but not in Heaven!

The Sadness of Life

The Sadness of Life

Let it be that someone treating you unimportant,

because time will come,

that you, yourself, will feel the same for them!