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A Thai romantic comedy film released by  on October 15 2009. It was directed by Adisorn Tresirikasem and written by Navapol Thamrongruttanarit. The film tells the story of Mei Li (Sirin Horwang), a thirty-year-old woman feeling desperate about being last among her friends yet to marry, and her relationship with Loong (Theeradej Wongpuapan), an engineer working on the BTS Skytrain system. 

This movie was very successful in hitting its punchline specially in the first part of the movie. I was to laugh alone in the room when watching this movie, surprising my mother that was cooking at that time.

As  I continue on watching this, i am very tickled by the Li’s stupid yet effort much moment in trying to get connected with Loong.  from the very first meet of the two, i can say that Li is soo clumsy in handling her self in front of Loong. Replacing an eye glass attached with own number is very sweet. And it is more crazier for me to watch the movie in the part that Loong had already gone abroad and left Li with a special box, because it is very touching that Loong appreciate and also give important to everything that connects them together. if only I can find someone like this one! tsk!

Alone and lonely is one of the challenges that Li had to encounter in her life, and this part, I can really relate my self to her. Being alone despite of having lots of friends sometimes doesn’t enough to make you feel complete. Every one really need partners in his/her life. Knowing that Yoong will gone, and has to lose contact with each other, I remember the time knowing my partner have to go for abroad soon, its like very hard to let go, and really beg for him/her for not go, and facing the sour part that you have to wait until he/she come back, not sure if they are still single. And after Li is being left by Yoong, I can really feel the feeling that Li posses. Walking alone home, has no one to date in the off-day weekend, and the hardest part of all, is looking other happy couple that making you really feel the emptiness.

as an over all experience, Happy is the rank i give to this movie, because i really feel the fun and the romance that this movie illustrate. and also, I would like to congrats the beautiful lady Sirin Horwang and the handsome Theeradej Wongpuapan for making it the most hits blockbuster of the year.


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